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About Me

Lea started her fitness journey working out at a Kettlebell and CrossFit gym almost 10 years ago. She joined a gym-wide Whole30 nutrition challenge shortly thereafter and realized the impact that food has on our health, fitness, and everyday activities. Food and nutrition became a huge area of interest for her and she’s never looked back.

She started a paleo meal prep and delivery company in 2010 before meal delivery was a household term. She became more and more interested in food and helping people eat in ways that would positively affect their health, workouts, and overall wellness. During this time she was also coaching CrossFit and realized how amazing it felt to help people lose weight, get healthy, and discover the best version of themselves.

Lea sold Primal Cravings in 2014 and is now the SoCal Community Builder for Territory Foods. Territory specializes in delicious meals geared toward those with an active lifestyle. As she continued her journey, Lea wanted to find ways to better help more people with their nutrition. She was certified through Precision Nutrition in 2017 and started Blue Lotus Wellness. Blue Lotus focuses on flexible dieting and overall wellness. Seeing her clients succeed and develop a healthy relationship with food is her number one goal.

On a personal note, Lea is the mother of 3 amazing kids, loves the barbell, hates thrusters, and should never be allowed to dance in public. She spends a ton of her time cooking and creating recipes, tries to get outside as much as possible, and is usually over caffeinated.